Source: Surrey History Service
Title: The Jayes estate of the Lee Steere family

9 Jun 1420

Gift in fee tail by John Mechewyk and Richard Langgehurst to John Prest of Kurredeforde (Kirdford) and Alice his wife of lands and tenements with gardens which the Grantors have of the gift of the said John Prest in the parish of Kurredeforde (Kirdford). To hold for term of life, with reversion to John their son, and his heirs; in default of heirs to revert to the right heirs of the same John. Warranty clause. Witnesses: John Barkefolde, John Thornere, John Phylp, Richard Strodewyk, William Streter and many others.
Given at Kurredeforde (Kirdford) on Sunday after the Feast of the Holy Trinity 8 Hen V [9 Jun 1420].
Seal: armorial; 1 missing.

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