Source: Surrey History Service
Title: The Jayes estate of the Lee Steere family

26 Jul 1332

Quitclaim by Philip, son of the late Richard le Wegchare of Dunstesfold to Robert son of Adam Felyp of Kerredeford (Kirdford) and Alice his wife, of 2 fields at Yweneshurst (Ewhurst), of which one is called Wegcheresfeld and lies between the highway leading from Yweneshurst (Ewhurst) to the wood of Strodwyk on the east and north and a field of John atte Lygh on the west, and the other is called Wegcheresham and lies between the road leading from Yweneshurst (Ewhurst) to the wood of Strodwyk, on the south and the highway leading from the wood of Sarmedefold to the wood of Strodwyk on the north. Fine: 35s and 2 sesters of cider. Witnesses: William de Wephurst, William de Croftes, William le Gundevyl, Richard de Slyfhurst, John de Dadekefold, Robert Nycol and others.
Given at Kerredeford (Kirdford) on Sunday after the Feast of St James the Apostle, 6 Edw III [26 July 1332].
Seal missing.

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