Source: Surrey History Service
Title: The Jayes estate of the Lee Steere family

9 Nov 1323

Quitclaim by John son of John ate Sydenie to John ate Lyghe of the parish of Alfold and Matillida his wife of lands and tenements which the grantor acquired of the grantee in the parish of Keuredeford (Kirdford), by the wood called Strodwyck, viz in the lands which Elberic Suetemelk once held and in the tenement which the grantee acquired of Adam his brother. To hold in fee tail. Witnesses: William de Croftes, John ate Sydenie senior, Robert Jakeman, William de Felyhurst, Robert ate Hulle, Robert Nychole, Robert Hamond and others.
Given at Aldebury on Wednesday after the Feast of St Leonard the
Abbot, 17 Edw son of Edw.
Seal missing.

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