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The Sunstruck Forest

Dunsfold, Surrey


Dunsfold Strudwick(e)s

I have recently been presented with a partial family tree which originates from research carried out by a certain Leon Strudwick of Worthing passed to me by Derek Ryde. I have started to plot this tree as a means to carry on further research. The tree sugests a line from a William Strudwick (born 1736) back to a Thomas Strudwick of Dunsfold (born circa 1575) which if verified as our William's line would be another very exciting development.


Thomas b.c1575, m.c1600, d1641  (made a loan or voluntary subsidy to the King of 40s/- in 1626).
There is also a listed will of which I have a copy, see below for comments.


Thomas b.c1602, m.c1630


Thomas Strudwick married c1630 to unknown.


Thomas b.c1635, m.c1665


Thomas Strudwick married c1665 to unknown.


Thomas b.c1670, m.c1700


Thomas Strudwick married to Mary cira 1700.


Mary b1704, d1707
Sarah b1706, m1738 to Wm Stent of thursley
William b1708, d1749
Mary b1709
Hannah b1713
Thomas b1716, m1743 to Mary Ede at Kirdford?
Elizabeth b1718
Dulcey 1719, m1756 to Wm Boxall at Kirdford


William Strudwick married to unknown


Margaret b1735
William b1736
Thomas b1736
Ann b 8/9/1745

Properties mentioned in the will include, 'Parcel of land and house.. called or known by the name of Crops', also, 'all that house ..ilthill and land called Lambards' and 'a parcel of land called Hurland'.

Lambards appears to be near or part of Highnoons Farm in Kirdford as mentioned in both 1668 & 1682 at the UK archives network. There is also a Thomas Lambard alias Gardyner mentioned at Highnoons in 1648. Perhaps this is the same peice of land, perhaps not.

Hurland appears to be in Billingshurst. There is also a Ralph Hurland mentioned in a Grant and Quit claim in 1326.
also, 'Russel de La Hurlond, Rugwyke, 1326' and 'Ralph Atte Hurlonde of Rugwyk and Margery his wife', then ' lands and tenements lying in Ruggewyke called Hurlond' in 1502.

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