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The Sunstruck Forest

Introduction to records

This page is under construction but I decided to upload it as I work on it as some of these are real gems and have not been transcribed before. If you have an interest in history and a little imagination I think you will find these as facinating as I do. If you do please let me have some feedback and I will make an effort to add more from my collection.

The early records are very hard to come by, so if you have any pre 1600 in your research (or any other interesting later ones) please let me have the details. I shall add to this page as and when I find them.

Use the links on the tables to view the entry you are interested in, or scroll down to read the whole page. Also please use the reference numbers if you want to correspond with me or have any information which could be connected. Some of the entries are rather ambiguous and it is not always clear what they are actually talking about, and some leave many questions unanswered. If others know more about these periods and can enlighten me I can add more information to the entries and will gladly give credit if requested. Maybe I will add a "notes" link to the more interesting ones if I can find out more about the period in history they are set. The table index will be listed in "record number" order instead of date order, that way it will be easier for me to add to the table and for the returning reader to know if I have added to the page. If this turns out to be to confusing I will renumber the records and put them in date order once every 6 months or so. We will see how it goes.

Early records from various sources Pre 1600

More Records from various sources 1600 - 1699

and more from 1700 - 1900

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