The Sunstruck Forest

Lynda Strudwick, the present mayor of Guildford

Guildford Settlement Examinations 1794-1836

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List of abbreaviations

B.V.M. Blessed Virgin Mary, Guildford [St Mary Guildford]
f/b female bastard
h/s hired servant
H.T.G. Holy Trinity Guildford
L.D. Light Dragoons
m/b male bastard
P.S. Private Soldier
(S) signed
S/by G. Stoke by Guildford
S.N.G. St Nicholas Guildford
(X) made mark


Book 1. Nos. A1-A145 16th August 1794 - 7th February 1801
Book 2. Nos. B1-B193 24th February 1801 - 26th July 1811
Book 3. Nos. C1-C194 11th November 1811 - 2nd December 1818
Book 4. Nos. D1-D205d 15th January 1819 - 26th June 1828
Book 5. Nos. E1-E149 8th July 1828 - 29th April 1836

Entry B 22.

Sarah Shepherd X). 24th March 1803
Pregnant by John Strudwick, of Artington, Surrey, carpenter.

Entry B 29.

Sarah Shepherd (X) 29th Aug 1803
On 28th July last, was delivered of f/b in the poorhouse, the father being John Strudwick, of  Artington, Surrey, a carpenter.

Entry B 61.

Eli Clark (X) 30th July 1805.
Was born in Liss, Hampshire, where his father lived, moving from there to Witley, Surrey. He received a certificate from Witley to live in H.T.G. When Eli Clark was about 15, the parish of Witley placed him as a servant to Mr Webb, of Milford, Surrey, without wages, but he was given clothes. On leaving Mr Webb, h/s to Joseph Hockley, attorney, of H.T.G. (4gns p.a.), staying there 2 yrs. He then h/s to Strudwick and Ogbourne, of S/by G. coach-masters, where he stayed for nearly 3 yrs.
Wife Mary.

Entry B 131.

Mary Strudwick (S) 25th March 1809.

On Jan 29th last, at the house of William Strudwick was delivered of f/b, the father being Stephen Wise, coachman, of Lynn, Norfolk.

Entry B 117.

Mary Strudwick (S) 18th Oct 1808.

Pregnant by Stephen Wise, Coachman, Of B.V.M.G.

Entry B 135.

Sarah Terry (X) 27th Oct 1809.

Was born in S/by G. about 9 yrs ago h/s to Joseph Wenman, victualler, of S/by G. only being kept, no wages. She then h/s to Mary Burt, widow, of Stoke, (Ign p.a.). Then h/s to Thomas Taylor of B.V.M.G. (3gns p.a.) after 5 months h/s to Mr John Lee, of Clandon [4 gns p.a.] who moved to Cobham, Surrey, Sarah Terry joining him there after 2 months. She was there over 2 years, leaving to go to William Strudwick, the elder, of S/by G. a carpenter, (4 gns p.a.)
now pregnant.

Entry C 83.

Isaac Strudwick (X).
Labourer. B.V.M.G.

Was born In Woking Surrey.

Wife Martha.
Isaac 7 yrs.
James 5 yrs.
Kitty 3 yrs.
George 1 year.

See No 84.

Entry C 84.

Information Given By Mercy Strudwick, otherwise Brown. (X). 10th Nov 1814.

She says that Isaac Strudwick is her son. About 40 yrs ago she married James Brown, of Old Windsor, Berks, in the parish of Thorpe, who left her after 4 years, so 6 or 7 yrs later, she married James Strudwick, of Woking, having 3 children by him. A year after she remarried, her first husband returned, but only stayed an hour. Isaac Strudwick is the son of William Strudwick, being born about 6 yrs after she married his father.

Entry C 145.

Isaac Strudwick (X) 7th Feb 1817.
Labourer. B.V.M.G.

Was born in Woking, Surrey. About 6 yrs ago he rented a property in B.V.M.G. from John Peters (4/- weekly), the landlord paying the taxes. It was then sold to a Mr Silvester, and Strudwick agreed to rent it at £8 p.a. including a small counting house, and to pay the taxes. After 2 yrs Mr Silvester took away a small room and half the cellars, and reduced the rent to £7 p.a.

Wife Martha.
Isaac 9 yrs.
James 7 yrs.
Kitty 5 yrs.
George 2 yrs.
Ann I year.

[Following entry not a Strudwick but I thought interesting all the same.]

Entry D 64.

Elizabeth Leabourne [S], Wife of Thomas Leabourne.
S.N.G. 3rd Aug 1821.

Was born in S.N.G. on April 9th 1818, she married Thomas Leabourne at St Leonards church, Shoreditch. About a week before that, she took two un-furnished rooms at No 8 Queen Street, Hoxton Market, Shoreditch, (4/- weekly).About 14 months ago, her husband left her, and went to America.
George Thomas 2 yrs and 2 months.

Entry D 65.

James Strudwick (S) 10th Aug 1821.
Sadler. B.V.M.G.

About 1784, he took a tenement from John Peche, B.V.M.G.[£10 p.a.], staying there 6 yrs. Previously, at 14yrs old, he was ind. app. to John Edmonds, of St Georges, Hanover Square, London, for 7 yrs. When he came to Guildford, he was appointed ale-taster of the town. About 2 1/2 yrs ago, he went to Midhurst, Sussex, and was employed by Edward Gooden, collar-maker, for his keep and no wages.

Entry D 150.

William Strudwick. (X) 6th Mar 1826.
Tailor. B.V.M.G.

Was born in Artington, Surrey. At 9 yrs, was ind. app. for 7 yrs by the parish officers of Witley, his father's parish, to Thomas Elliott, B.M.M.G. tailor. He stayed 4 yrs, then ran away.

Entry E 57.

George Tunnell (S) 1st Nov 1830.
Labourer. S.N.G.

Was born in Cranley, Surrey. At 16 yrs went to work for John Turner of H.T.G. common carrier, to drive the wagons. He stayed about 4 yrs, and was paid 4/- p.w. lodging with his father in S/by G. he then went to James Heath at the ''DOLPHIN'' public house, S/by G. for 9 months. He then h/s as carter to Sarah Strudwick, of Send, carrier, for 6 months at 4/- p.w. and 2 gns at the end of the year, driving the waggons to and from London.
Wife Leah.

Entry E 60.

George Tunnell (S) 14th Jan 1830.
Labourer. S.N.G.

Continuation of No 57.

After he left John Turner, he worked for Mrs Strudwick, carrier of Send, Surrey. He was asked if he was going to leave at the end of the year, but said he did not intend going, and John Stevens, Mrs Strudwick's fore-man said ''you suit me very well, and may as well stay a further year''. Sarah Strudwick died about 3 months before ladyday, and John Stevens continued the business. His father, George Tunnell, is settled in Bramley.

Entry E 61.

George Tunnell, The Elder (X)20th Jan 1830.
Waggoner. S/by G.

Is settled in Bramley, having h/s to Giles Evershed, farmer, of Bramley (10 gns p.a.). He married on leaving Mr Evershed, and George Tunnell is his son.

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