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The Sunstruck Forest

The Angel Inn, High Street Roehampton London
Pictured circa 1890 displaying the innkeepers name


Licenced Victuallers listed in the Pubs, Inns & Taverns Index for England 1801-1900.

 Date Name  Premises  Address  Source  Comment
 1822  Stradwick Elizabeth  Three Compasses  Bromley, Kent  Pigot's Directory of Mdx Sry Ssx
 1839  Stredwick Henry  Queen's Head  Old Steyne Street, Brighton East Sussex  Pigot's trade directory
 1882  Stredwick John  George & Hoy  13 Beercart Lane, Canterbury Kent  Kellys directory of Kent
 1839  Stredwick Thomas  Grenadier  Hailsham East Sussex  Pigot's trade directory
   Strudwick Frederick  The Red Lion  Brook Street, Upper Clapton  Will (www.strudwick.net)
 1852  Strudwick W  Three Tuns  Norbiton Kingston upon Thames  Kelly's Directory of Home Counties
 1852  Strudwick J  Royal Oak  46 St James's Lane, Brighton  Kelly's Directory of Home Counties
 1855  Strudwick W  Jolly Coopers  Hampton  Kelly's Directory of Surrey
 1860  Strudwick William  Jolly Coopers  Hampton  Kelly's Directory of London Suburbs
 1871  Strudwick James  Little Wonder  John Street, Shoreham  Census
 1871  Strudwick Henry  City Arms  Cuckoo Lane, West Ealing London W  Post Office Directory
 1889  Strudwick A  Angel  High Street, Roehampton London SW  Young & Co's Archives
 1892  Strudwick William Henry  Albion  Albert Road, North Woolwich, London E  Will (www.strudwick.net)
 1895  Strudwick Frederick  Barleymow  West Horsley, Leatherhead  Kellys Directory of Surrey
 1895  Strudwick Alfred  Angel  High Street, Roehampton London SW  Kellys Directory of Surrey
 1899  Strudwick Frederick  Barleymow  West Horsley Leatherhead  Kellys Directory of Surrey

This information was extracted from the Pubs, Inns and Taverns index for England 1801-1900.
Although the project website now appears to have closed.

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